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由於COVID-19(嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎,簡稱武漢肺炎)大流行,所有領域和企業都面臨著新的形勢和挑戰。國際研究暨顧問機構 Gartner 的研究指出,"根據3月19日對41位金融服務主管的現場調查,客戶需求(68%)和客戶關係(41%)是受 COVID-19 影響最大的兩個業務層面。"許多金融機構面臨著這樣的問題:如何以相同的質量提供服務,例如開戶、匯款或產品諮詢,而無須與客戶實際接觸。越來越多的銀行正在考慮採用新技術,使其能夠遠端提供全面的客戶服務與關懷。如今,幾乎每個人都使用網路銀行、並以數位方式進行匯款或轉帳,但是當涉及到更複雜的服務時,至銀行櫃檯進行實際上的交談似乎還是很難避免。
ThinkPower Information 昕力資訊已經開發了許多行動裝置上的 app 和 AI 人工智慧解決方案來解決這個問題。例如,國泰世華銀行和國泰人壽的客戶不僅可以透過 app 獲得個人產品諮詢和保單查詢,還可以使用 AI 聊天機器人 Alpha 阿發在線上完成整個帳戶開立設定。由於採用 NLU,Alpha阿發可以提供比其他聊天機器人更自然的客戶服務體驗,並提升更高的客戶滿意度。
尤其在現在這個緊要關頭,善用行動裝置開發和 AI 人工智慧技術的軟體解決方案不但可以減少損失,還可以有效率地從遠端滿足客戶需求。因此,透過開發新的數位銀行技術來增強數位化流程是必經之路,商家可從容應對當今和未來的挑戰。

All industries and businesses are facing a new situation and challenges due to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COV-19). According to Gartner , “Customer needs (68%) and customer relationships (41%) were the top two aspects of the business model most affected by COVID-19, according to a live poll of 41 financial services leaders on 19 March.” Many financial institutions face the question of how they can provide services such as account opening, money transfer, or product consulting with the same service quality but without physical customer contact. An increasing number of banks are considering new technologies that enable them to provide a wide range of services and customer care remotely. Nowadays, almost everyone uses online banking and manages money transfers digitally. But when it comes to more complicated services, it is hard to avoid the personal conversation at the counter.
ThinkPower Information developed already a number of mobile APP projects and AI solutions to face this question. For example, customers of Cathay United Bank in Taiwan, can not only get individual product consultation and insurance policy queries via an APP but can even complete entire account openings online with the AI chatbot Alpha. Thanks to NLU, Alpha can offer a more natural customer service experience than other chatbots and showed a higher customer satisfaction rate.
Especially in times like these, software solutions for mobile development and AI technology can reduce the damage and meet customer needs also remotely. It is therefore worthwhile, to enhance digitalization processes by developing new digital banking technologies in order to meet not only the challenges of today but also of tomorrow.

點選此處了解有關 ThinkPower 昕力資訊在金融領域的更多項目,以獲取更多訊息。


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